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    10 Cities With The Best Music Scene In North America

    If you’re thinking about taking your indie band on the road to get even more exposure you might want to check out these top 10 cities that have the best music scene in North America. Cities that are in love with music will welcome you with open arms.

    Austin, Texas: It is considered to be one of the music capitals of the world. The infamous South By Southwest Music festival is held here. Almost any place you walk into you will find a stage that you can play on.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada: This city is great if you are in the electronic music genre as well as rock and roll!

    Nashville, Tennessee: We have all heard how Nashville is considered the Music City. If you have ever been there you will understand why. Not only are music venues a plenty, but you will catch live music on the streets all day long. If you can break into the Nashville scene, you are golden.

    Madison, Wisconsin: You might not think Wisconsin is known for music, but the state capital is ranked number 2 in live concerts!

    Brooklyn, New York: New York is known for its culture, arts and music. Brooklyn has been breaking the grounds for live music since the early 2000’s and has really started making a name for itself. You can find some of the best “garage rock bands” in this New York Borough.

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Montreal as one of the largest EDM scenes in the world!

    Chicago, Illinois: Not only known for its deep dish pizza, Chicago is known for its large underground hip hop scene. It is your hip hop destination. If you’re a rapper and can make it in Chicago, you stand a pretty good chance in making it to fame.

    Washington, D.C: The United state’s capital can be heard through the vibes of electronic and indie pop.

    Athens, Georgia: Athens is infamous for its indie rock scene. Bands like R.E.M and the B52s have come out of this southern town.

    Portland, Oregon: Portland is one of the best cities to play if you are in an indie rock band. It is one of the “hipster” towns that you can find all of the up and coming new indie rock bands. It is a great town to get your music heard.

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