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    12 Struggles of Communicating With Your Non-Musician Family Members Around the Holidays

    Repost from SonicBids Blog: [http://blog.sonicbids.com/x-struggles-of-communicating-with-your-non-musician-family-members-around-the-holidays]

    The holiday season is finally here! It’s a time for jingle bells, hot cocoa, snow days, wonder, cheer! Oh, and the monotonous, repetitive, shuffle-mode of explanations of your life choices to your non-musician family members. Let this warm your heart a bit, friends; you are not alone! Here are 12 struggles we can all relate to.


    1. The patronizing faces your aunt makes when she finds out you don’t wake up at an ungodly hour every morning like the rest of corporate America

    out of sight couple thriller flirting crimeImage via giphy.com

    “I will not conform!”


    2. That awkward moment when your little cousin asks you what you want to be when you grow up

    frustrated facepalm james van der beek james van der memeImage via giphy.com

    Define… “grown up”?


    3. Explaining to your grandpa for the 72nd time what it means to have “gone to school for music”

    grandpa face playing blinking thinkingImage via giphy.com

    “No, Grandpa, music is my job. Well, yes, I guess it’s also a hobby. No, but I make money at it. No, Grandpa, there are not benefits. Yes, I paid to go to school for this. Grandpa, times have chaaanged…”


    4. Being constantly being pressured to perform at every single get-together

    Warner Archive cymbals monkey classic film warnerarchiveImage via giphy.com

    “Dance, monkey, dance!”


    5. The choir of horrified faces around the dinner table when you tell them you’re not quite sure where you’ll be in five years

    family drunk reality tv drinking rhonyImage via giphy.com

    “Get Grandma more wine, STAT!”


    6. The truly inquisitive faces of all of your family members as they make their rounds sitting on the couch next to you, asking what your daily schedule looks like

    glee confused huh lolwut wait whatImage via giphy.com

    The world may never understand.


    7. The fury that fills your soul every time a group of relatives begins singing carols painfully off key

    bobs burgers louise belcher eye twitchImage via giphy.com

    “Oh wow, I’ve never heard ‘O Holy Night’ in Zb major. Thanks, Aunt Bertha!”


    8. The precious, forgiving face your mother makes when she gets to you in the sibling life-update lineup

    sad depressed disappointed yoda the empire strikes backImage via giphy.com

    “Hey, at least I’m the fun one!”


    9. The annual Q&A with your grandma about when you’re finally going to “settle down”

    tgif party timeImage via giphy.com



    10. The closed-mouth smiles and recurring eyebrow raises you have to make while pretending to be interested in listening all about the years of advanced schooling your cousin is still doing

    unimpressed sarcastic i dont care dont care not amusedImage via giphy.com



    11. The seasonal preaching from your godfather about how you should really consider a more “stable” career path, as if you and every musician on the planet doesn’t already have some degree of crippling self-doubt

    rhony real housewives of new york bethenny frankel stress bethennyImage via giphy.com

    “Thank you for all of your endless support, close-minded old folks!”


    12. The jealous faces of every single one of your cousins when they find out you actually make money doing something you love

    Yosub orange is the new black oitnb winning tvImage via giphy.com



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