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    A Day In The Studio [A Blog Of Autumn City]

    Getting ready to record your debut album is definitely a high. It is filled with a beautiful nervousness. It is something that we have been dreaming about since January 12, 2014 when we played our first show ever as a band and people came up to us saying, “Do you have a CD?”  Unfortunately our answer was always, “No. Not yet.” After a long day in the studio yesterday, we can finally get ready to release our debut album.

    We were being ambitious. We decided to go into Showplace Studios and record 11 (yes I said 11) songs in one studio session. Ben, our engineer had the awesome idea to record it as almost a live recording, instead of everyone in separate rooms doing their own thing. We loved the idea of this because we are such a live band. The studio is such a foreign world to us. We feed off of each other’s energy and we don’t want to lose that feel in the recording.

    It was absolutely more than we were expecting. Even though we practiced A LOT before we entered the studio, sometimes the nerves just get to you. Also, after you’re in the studio for 5 hours, you start to get a little tired. Okay, a lot tired. Our entire day of recording took about 8 hours all together to get the 11 songs the way we wanted them. We learned that breaks after a few songs is actually a good thing. We also learned that if we were in the zone to just keep pushing through it. You need to know your limits. As the singer of the band, I’ve never sang for more than two hours at a clip. To sing for almost four times that period of time was starting to take a toll, both physically and mentally. It would be like running for 7 hours. Eventually your muscles get tired and they can’t move anymore. You vocal cords WILL get tired. Towards the home stretch I was drinking tea, chugging water and eating cough drops like it was my job. I was doing anything that I read about to keep my voice going to get through.

    In the end, it was an experience that we will carry with us forever. Now we know what to expect when we go in to record our sophomore album down the line. Right now, we are focusing on getting the CD manufactured, planning the CD release party and booking our 2015 tour.

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