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    How Snap Chat Can Work For Your Band

    Snap Chat is growing very popular among people in the social networking world. It is a cool phone application that allows you to take pictures and videos, edit them a bit and send them out to your friends or post them on your story. So, you’re probably wondering how Snap Chat can actually help out your band, right?  Lucky for you, we have a few reasons why your fans will enjoy Snap Chat as much as you do.

    Since Snap Chat allows you to post anything that is 10 seconds or less, it is a great way to give your fans a sneak preview. If you’re in the studio or at practice, you can take a quick 10 second video of what you’re working on to give them just enough of a taste to want more from you! Another great idea is to use it to preview an upcoming music video or promote a show.

    Fans love to look into the small window that is your personal life. Snap Chat gives you the opportunity to give them those behind the scenes moments. Those moments right before you go on stage, the moments when you’re goofing around at practice. It builds a closer connection to you and your fans. It allows them to see who you are when you put down your instruments.

    Take random pictures of you and your band hanging out with friends. You can even try a contest before a show for free tickets. Keep posting pictures of yourself in a location near the venue and the first fan to find you gets a free pair of tickets to that show. You always want to keep your fans engaged in what you are doing that way they don’t just feel like another face in the crowd.

    By opening your life up in 10 second clips to the people that love your music using Snap Chat will give you an even better connection with your fans.

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