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    Are You Ready To Release Your First Length EP?

    Holding your first length CD in your hands can truly be a feeling most people will never understand. It is countless hours, a hundred gigs, a thousand practices, heart break and soul shine all wrapped up into one 9 – 11 track album that you are ready to release to the world. When will you know if you are actually ready to release your first length EP to the world? We have a few green lights you should be looking out for.

    Did you ever notice the local bands online that have 5,000 followers, but no one is commenting, liking or sharing anything that they post? So maybe you only have 1,000 but you get 50 likes or comments on each post. You’re doing something right. Your fans want more from you. They are engaged with you and want something more. Pay attention to your interaction, not your overall “likes” on a band page. For all you know, each of their band members has 100 different e-mail accounts to make that number happen.

    Let’s talk live. Your band is playing shows and you keep packing the house. Maybe you’re not selling out every local venue, but you’re bringing in at least 50 people each time consistently. Every time you play a show people keep coming up to you that weren’t there to see you asking if they can buy your CD or where can they find you online. You’re building a buzz around your band and getting a great reputation.

    The great thing about streaming music and videos is that it will usually track the number of views you are getting. If you are seeing your numbers continue at a good pace and even increasing, it means people want your music and they only way they can get it is by watching YouTube videos. You are in demand!!

    The best green light. YOUR FANS ARE ASKING FOR A CD! If they are asking you for one, that means you might want to give them one! Plain and simple!

    You should be excited that making a CD is something that is in demand for you! Give the people what they want!!!


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