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    Avoid A Hoarse Voice

    Tis the season to talk a lot, sing a lot, attend way too many parties and the cold weather certainly is not helping anyone. As a singer it is important to protect your voice at all times. The damage that can occur from talking over loud music can last into the New Year. The cold weather puts you at a greater risk of getting sick. We all know coughing is not a singer’s friend when it comes to keeping your voice from getting hoarse. Let’s explore how we can avoid some of a singer’s worse nightmare.


    With the winter weather it is so important to keep your throat warm. Like your mother always said, make sure to wear a scarf and bundle up. The wonderful thing about the human body is it has its own defenses, so breathe through your nose to filter out the germs in the ear before they hit your throat.


    Staying hydrated is key. If you can, try to get 8 glasses of water in, especially since your adult beverages at your holiday parties will eliminate a lot of that. For every alcoholic drink you have, drink one extra glass of water to balance it out. If you are really serious about your voice, now is the time to purchase a steamer to breathe in to keep your vocals hydrated. It’s not a bad investment and it works wonders all year long.


    Be mindful of what you eat and when you eat. We all know holiday parties run late and you end up picking at food all night. Over eating can increase acids from your stomach to irritate your throat. Remember, we are trying to eliminate as much as we have control over to keep our vocal cords healthy.


    It won’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. If your throat feels sore, stop talking! It’s ok to sit back and take everything in.  Make sure you get enough sleep because it will boost your immune system. Who doesn’t love a nap? Whenever you have alone time, simply just rest your voice. Don’t talk to yourself or sing along to the radio, just rest your voice. Everything needs time to recoup.


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