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    Avoid These Booking Mistakes

    Booking shows can be hard enough. It is a stressful job that most musicians don’t want to deal with, but they have to if they want to play shows. It’s the e-mail after e-mail trying to nail down dates and times that work for you and at a fair price for your band’s time and effort. To make your process a little less painful, try to avoid these common booking mistakes.

    First, you need to send out the right kind of e-mail. Don’t just ask if they have available dates and that you want to play. Your e-mail should look something like this:

    My name is Aster Pheonyx, lead singer of the band Autumn City. We are an all original alternative rock band.
    We are interested in booking your venue Saturday June 27th if the date is available.
    You can listen to our music at www.reverbnation.com/AutumnCityMusic
    We were hoping to book a show with other local bands.
    We look forward to hearing back from you,

    This way you are giving them who you are, what kind of music you play, your EPK (so they can listen to your music), the date you’re looking for and what kind of show you are looking to book. You don’t want to give them a book to read, but you also don’t want to put too little about yourself so they have to waste their time searching for you.

    Don’t argue about the ticket price. Some venues charge a certain amount to enter their club for a reason. Most of them will pay you accordingly depending on how many people you bring it. Sometimes it will be for every 0-25 people you get $3 a head. If you bring 50 they will increase it to $4 and anything over 75 they will split the bill with you. They need to make money too. We all know that the local music scene is slowly going under. They are counting on your to bring a crowd. Do your part.

    Before you start promoting the show, make sure you have a FULL confirmation about the date, time and ticket price. You don’t want to start pushing a show that you think you have when you really aren’t booked at all. This will confuse everyone and why waste your time?

    Make sure you follow up. Don’t let the venue wait on information from you. Nail down all of the details as soon as possible so you can start promoting the show. Not following up with the venue will make you look bad and like you really don’t care about the gig at all.

    Now you have all you should need to know about successfully booking your shows! Enjoy the gig!


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