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    Bond With Your Band Mates

    Being a part of a band is like being part of a family. You need to be able to hand out with your band mates outside of practice to keep the relationship strong. By working on your friendships, you’ll get a better understanding of each other when you’re in your musical world. Being close friends will actually show off in your on stage performances. You’ll start to interact more with each other.

    Go grab a cup of coffee together. It’s a good ice breaker if you aren’t really close yet. It is a no pressure environment to just relax and talk about what makes you, you. It’s good for a quick hangout in a local place.

    Get together at someone’s house for a movie night. Everyone can bring their favorite movie and snack and you can all just sit around, hang out and relax. Hanging out with your band outside of practice will eliminate the burning out factor.

    Go out to dinner. Even if it is once a month. Take turns picking the restaurant or try new places that people keep talking about. It’s all about having experiences together while getting to know a little more about what makes your band mates tick.

    Sports are always a fun way to get out any frustration. It is great for team building and bonding. You are working together while getting a little activity in. You get to be a little competitive and have some fun.

    Camping trips are just fun, but to go camping with your band mates is even better. Take the rock stars out into the woods and see who can really make it out there. Camping is a great way to bond because you will need to rely on each other a bit while you’re off the grid.

    Getting to know your band mates is a lot like dating or any relationship. You need to make the time to get to know each other better. If you become big and go on tour, you’ll want to like the people you will be stuck with for the next long stretch of months or years to come.

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