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    Build A Better Relationship With Your Fans

    Your fans are the people that will pack a venue or leave you to an empty space. They are the energy that you feed off of when you are playing a show. Your fans will love you and your music, but it takes a special artist to truly build a relationship with their fans. The ones that do are the ones that tend to stay in the spot light. Once you have your fans hooked, they will do whatever it takes (well, almost anything) to help you reach your goal.

    Give your fans something back when they help you out. Every time they share your video or link to a show, start a rewards program. After 10 or 15 shares offer them something. Maybe a free shirt or a CD. It will give your fans even more of an incentive to share all of your new material.

    If you have a new CD or single coming out, host a preview listening show. See if one of your fans is interested in holding a house concert. You can’t get more personal than that.

    Hold a live chat with your fans. It’s easy to do now that the internet is around. You can easily create a free Skype account and you can instantly chat with your fans. Interact with them. See what songs they might want you to cover or just talk about what you do when you’re not playing. Allow them into your personal life. Talk about shared interests.

    Another cool internet feature is the vlog. (A video blog). Feel free to record little entries of yourself and the band and post them for your fans to watch. Talk about what you’re up to or what your band is doing. Film one from back stage to give them a behind the scenes look. Make is almost a VIP experience. If you’re going into the studio, film something there. Your fans only hear the end product, not all of the work that has gone into it. Give them just a little glimpse of what it takes to put out that CD that they are listening to.

    Respond to comments that fans post on your page. Artists tend to over look social media, but it is a great way to communicate with your fans. They didn’t post something on your page to take up room, they posted to reach out to you! Take the time to reach back. It will mean more than you think!

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