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    Build Your Fan Base Using Your Music Player Stats

    Putting your music up on sites like, CDbaby, has more benefits than just music sales. It allows you to tap in to the information gathered when people buy and stream your music. You can see exactly where your top plays and sales are coming from. This is good for you because it allows you to collect data on who and where your biggest fan base is coming. With that knowledge, you can target the same type of people to gain new fans.

    If you’re a CDbaby user, you can see your most popular tracks. Use that to your advantage to release your next single. If people are already listening to this song, they will be excited when you decide to release it as your single. This is the perfect way to decide what song you want to create a music video for.

    Try interacting with people that are playing your music through the CDbaby player. You can compare who is just viewing your page and who is actually playing it. You can also see who is sharing your music. Send them a thank you e-mail. Get in touch with these people. Fans are free promotion. They are doing the work for you without you even getting involved. Let them know that you appreciate that they like your music and are sharing it with the people that they know.

    When you take a closer look at where people are downloading your music from, it can absolutely help you with planning places to play. If 80% of your listens an downloads are from a specific area, start to concentrate on venues close to that area. All of the information that you can find online is a great way to help you prepare for the future of your career. Use all of this to your advantage. These numbers aren’t just to fill up space. Break them down, find where your fans are and go to them. They are bound to bring more people out to your shows and get them hooked on your music.

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