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    Building A Single Release Campaign: Part One

    Congratulations on the fact that you are even at the point of being able to release a single. This a big time for you and your band. Just because you have your CD, doesn’t mean that your work is over. There is a lot that goes into a successful CD or single release campaign in order to get to where you want to be. We are sure that you didn’t record an album to have it sit on the self to collect dust. You don’t have a major label budget, so how are going to do this? Here is how you can create a successful single release campaign on your budget.

    First, you actually need to create good music. You can have the biggest budget in the world, but if your music isn’t good, you’re still not going to sell anything. People will spread the word for you if they hear a good song and people know good music. You may not be able to get on the top radio stations in the country, but you can start out small with college radio and local stations. Once your song is heard and liked, it will spread faster than you think.

    Before you go sharing your music with everyone that you know, make sure you cover yourself. You need to make sure you own all of the rights to your music and if you don’t that you have the proper contracts and agreements with who still owns the master or songwriting rights to your music. Your song needs a copy right with the Library of Congress. Do not put your music out there with the opportunity for someone else to steal it.

    Once you have all of the logistics out of the way, you need to set a concrete release date and schedule your distribution. Start creating a buzz and get a hype going around the release of your single. You want to spend about 6-10 weeks creating this buzz. You want the anticipation to continue to build. People should be just as excited as you are for this to all drop! Let them help spread the word. Also consider the time of year you are planning to release your single. You really don’t want to do it around the winter holidays. The two best times to release anything for an independent musician are February and during the summer. People are over the holidays by February and looking for new music and the summer is the perfect time for people to get their “Summer Anthem.” So plan smart to get the most potential for sales.

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