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    Building A Single Release Campaign: Part Three

    You are almost there! There are only a few more steps that you need to take to insure a super successful single release. Are you ready?! We are!

    One of the best ways to get your music out to people is to play a whole bunch of shows! Book as many gigs as you can to start promoting your single. If they like you or they like your music, they will spend the money to have your music. This also gives you the opportunity to really test out your in person sales technique. A great way to sell your single is to add the price of the single into your ticket sale. So if you’re charging $9 a ticket, make it $10 and tell people they are getting a “free download of your single.”  They will think it is free, but really it is built in to the price of the ticket. If you get 100 people to come out to your show, look at that… you just sold 100 copies of your single. Way to go!

    Now is the time to hit up the publicity end of your campaign. Hit up every music blog and see if they will give your music a review or if they will post about one of your “free single download with the purchase of a ticket” shows.  Try local and college radio stations to plug your music as well as your upcoming shows. It will be hard if you’re not backed by a major label to get into any mainstream air time, but college radio is just as popular for your local events. Internet radio is another avenue for you to reach out to. It’s great because people all over the world can tune in and listen to you. Plus you can share the link directly on all of your online sites for your fans to tune in and check you out.

    Finally, after all of this is done… throw a party to celebrate!! You’ve earned it. Your fans will love it. You can even charge an admission and get some local bands to play! Make it fun and allow everyone to join in and celebrate your successful single release campaign.

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