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    Can You Have Too Many Social Media Sites?

    We all think, that the more we can get our band name out there in front of other people the better off we are at being exposed. Is there such a thing as having too many social media sites? In today’s world their are hundreds of sites that we can use to spread our music to the world. It’s better to have a handful of sites that you keep constantly active than to have a hundred sites that are from two years ago because you can’t keep up with everything. Labels and other people in the industry will look at all of this and it doesn’t look professional if you are up to the second with information on some and really far behind on some others.  Which ones are worth having and which ones can you do without? Let’s break it down for you just a little bit.

    Facebook and Twitter: Facebook and Twitter should still be your two main resources when it comes to social media. These should be the two sites that you want to be the most up to date on. Fans like interaction with the band, so both of these sites allow you to really do that with them. You can comment back to your fans or tweet at some of them, depending on what you are more into. Both sites have a great sharing/retweeting option that will allow your fans to spread what you just posted to all of the people that follow them. This is what brings in new potential fans.

    Instagram and Blogs: Instagram is becoming the new hype with bands these days. You can post pictures of band bonding, to backstage, to 10 second clips to you rocking out on stage! It’s a great way to push new merchandise and all that is you! You should probably keep Instagram updated a few times a week. Blogs are becoming increasingly popular. You don’t have to update them that often. Once a week or every other week should be fine. You can let your fans into your world about new songs, your own thoughts, what excites you, what you’re looking forward to and so on. You have endless possibilities when your band writes a blog and keeps it active. Your fans want to know more about YOU, so give them what they want.

    Save some time and energy and focus on a few sites that can stay strong.


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