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    Cheap Marketing Strategies Your Band Should Know

    As an independent musician, we don’t always have the money to do the things that we want. If you do have any spare money, we are pretty sure you would rather spend it on something for your instrument (if not a new one).

    Marketing is very important. You could have the best instruments in the world, but if no one is paying attention to you, it doesn’t really matter. Lucky for you we have some cheap, if not free marketing strategies for you and your band to help launch you into the next level.

    You should consider starting a monthly newsletter.  Take all of your most important information for the month and any important upcoming information. This will give your fans a recap of what you did and allow them to know what you are up to in the near future.

    Form good relationships with other bands. They will get your name in front of new people that may not have even thought to check you out until now. Make flyers for your upcoming shows and post them all over town. People will remember your name after they see it enough.

    As silly as this sounds… hit the bathrooms. Besides look at “For a Good Time Call…” how about let them read your band sticker. They have the time while they are in there.  Plaster them all over venue stalls for the best exposure!

    Always ask your fans for help. Ask them to repost videos and to share your social media page links to get new followers. People always get the best new music from someone they know. Why not have it be your music??

    Don’t just go to your shows. You need to support to local music scene too. If people see you out, they will recognize your face more. People will like that you support other bands. Plus, this is also a good time to speak with club owners and booking agents to get your band in to play. It is all about networking.

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