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    Different Ways To Come Up With Great Lyrics

    As a writer it we tend to fall into using the same phrases or views that we have on certain things. Unless something happens in your life enough to inspire something great, the majority of us songwriters need a little time to craft our thoughts to make a song that is actual worth listening to. What makes it even harder is if you have the pressure with coming up with a certain amount of good songs on a certain time frame. So we found some out of the box ways to come up with more creative ways to write.

    Do you remember being a kid and you would write a story with your friends. One person would write one line of the story and then they would pass it to the next person to the same? Try that with music. Sit down with someone you trust to write a good song with and come up with your lyrics like that. You might be surprised with what your minds can come up together. Sometimes your line will inspire something amazing out of the other person and vice versa. Give it a try, you just might be surprised with what you come up with.

    When a lot of bands are just jamming out on new music, it is always a really smart idea for someone to record it. Record it on your phone if you have to. From experience, when we jam out and you start to feel it, you’ll just start singing.. and a lot of the time, it’s really good. Obviously there will have to be a few adjustments here and there to really get your thoughts down, but most of the time when you feel the urge to put words to that sweet ass jam, they are coming out for a reason. Record it, listen back and write them down. Then make some changes.

    A lot of singers write songs about their own life and their own experiences mainly because it is something they can feel and they can relate to. Try taking a step away from yourself. Think of something maybe a friend or family member is going through. Take a look at the world. Just look around and find something in someone else that your soul can relate to. Make it our own. Twist it how you need to make it yours, but look outside of yourself.

    Now that you have a few new ways to write, get your band together, some paper and a pen with plenty of ink!


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