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    Different Ways To Promote Your New Album

    Promotion is key when it comes to getting your album some attention. What good will you do yourself if you don’t get out there and push your new album every way that you can. You want it to be as successful as it can be and create a hype around the album before it even comes out. You want to make people feel like they can’t live without your album. We have a few different ways that may be considered out of the box to promote that new album of yours!

    Throw yourself into the wonderful worth of the internet. Get yourself on indie band forums and promote your album there. 3 main sites that people use are taxi.com, ultimate-guitar.com and bandamp.com. It’s open for discussion so people can read, comment and like anything you post about your album. We all know you are going to be hitting up Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but try something new. Try a new form of interaction with a different group of people. Plus, these internet forums reach hundreds of thousands of people that you wouldn’t be able to reach on Social Media.

    Contests and giveaways are always fun for everyone. Contact your fans and give a house concert for free. Leak a song or two off of your album to fans that share your posts about promoting the new album. Offer a free copy or a meet and greet at your next show in their area. Fans love the interaction, so let them have it.

    Sticker, poster, plaster everything about you everywhere you (legally) can. You can get stickers made up that look great, are great quality and don’t cost you an arm and a leg. Now once you get those sticker in the mail, you and a bunch of your friends and fans take them and post them every single place that you can think of. Instead of “Call Jenny For A Good Time!” Save Jenny some calls and cover her number up with your sticker.

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