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    Different Ways To Release Your Music

    When you finished recording your album, there used to be only one way artists would release that album. You would spend month in the studio recording, setting up a tour and a lot of promotion to get every one ready for your album release. Now there are more options to releasing your music to the public.

    The perpetual release really blows the notion of the traditional album release right out of the water because, basically, there is no album. Instead, you shorten the album cycle to just one song and release once a month, once every two months, or whatever you can reasonably achieve without sacrificing quality. Use the time in between each release to execute mini marketing plans for each song, building awareness and interest. This is a great strategy for indie bands and musicians just starting out trying to raise awareness and reach new fans. Not only are you constantly pumping out new content to keep your fans listening, watching, and sharing. The short cycle between songs also means you can really learn from each release. You might find out that your fans prefer your acoustic tracks, or that people tend to lose interest in longer tracks. Learn and adapt.

    Multiple singles is another way you can go. You release one song prior to the album drop to get people hyped. However, more and more musicians have been taking this strategy further by releasing multiple singles. It’s promotion for what your fans can expect when your entire album drops.

    Exclusive previews and album releases have become very popular in recent years. Beyoncé gave iTunes an exclusive period before the album hit stores, Daft Punk released Random Access Memory exclusively for streaming a week before it was available for purchase, and Skrillex previewed the entire Recess album via the Alien Ride app.

    You don’t need to have an app developer or a big-time sponsorship deal to have an exclusive preview. You could give your email subscribers and exclusive sneak peek at your new album or song. Just create a secret page and embed a streaming player. Other tools  allow you to release content that only your patrons can see, which is a great way to give them exclusive early access.

    Depending on what your budget is and what you’re looking to do will be how you decide how you want to release your music out to the world.

    [Reprinted From: http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/]


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