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    Different Ways You Can Earn Money Singing

    We have some different ways that you can earn money just from singing!

    Becoming an independent recording artist. You can make a recording for a full album, a few songs or a single. Once you do that, you can sell your music on iTunes and after you play shows.

    Become a session singer. Session singers can make a lot of money. Sometimes you just have to go in and record vocals on a song that someone else wrote. Sometimes you are asked to write lyrics and sing them for someone else, but you can definitely make bank on this after a while.

    Don’t laugh, but be a karaoke superstar! Some of the people that hose karaoke nights hold competitions, so look out for them. Cash prizes can be anywhere from $100 – $2,500 and more depending on how big the venue is that is holding it. Not too bad for one night of work!

    Perform at private parties! This allows you to set your own price range and be a little flexible. Wedding singers make about $40,000 a year on average. That’s not a terrible salary for a gig once or once or twice a week. 2 days of work? Why pass that up?

    Offer your skills for singing lessons. On average you can charge anywhere from $20-$50 (if you want to be fair) a session or you can charge one flat monthly rate to your students. Again, this is for one our of your time. If you have 4 students a week, you are making $200 cash for 4 hours of your time.

    Sing at your local church. Most churches will offer you anywhere from $25-$100 for each service. Again, that’s about one hour of your time to sing and you get paid.

    Offer yourself as a back up singer in a band. You’ll get a cut of what the band makes and usually you can walk away with about $100 a night if you’re in a decent band.

    These are all ways that you can make money singing and still give you plenty of free time to enjoy other things as well!

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