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    Do This, Not That – Answering E-mails

    We all know that sometimes it is harder enough to get a response back from certain people when we e-mail them about our band. We also seem to get stuck when someone else reaches out to us to inquire about a gig or press. They obviously didn’t teach you this in grade school. So what are the dos and don’ts to answering and responding to e-mails? We are going to give you that lesson you wish you had in school.

    Consider everyone that e-mails you a fan. You should do your best to answer every single e-mail that you get, even if it is to tell them, “Unfortunately….”  If someone is e-mailing you, they are interested in your music in one form or another. Remember, people in the music industry talk and they talk fast. Don’t blow someone off because you feel like it is a silly request or a “waste of your time.” Politely e-mail those people back with a nice “no thank you” e-mail. Acknowledge everyone that takes the time to fill your inbox.

    When you get an e-mail, don’t take forever to write back. Odds are the professionals that are contacting you are on a time crunch themselves, so don’t think that your time is worth more than theirs. If possible, respond to the e-mail as soon as you read it. This will also prevent you from getting backed up and not remembering who you responded to and who you didn’t respond to. If you read it, answer it. Even if it as simple as, “Thank you for reaching out. The band will discuss this further and get back to you very shortly.” Make a note to remind yourself to actually get back to this person too!

    Remember, even though something “small” may not seem like it will benefit your career, think of the big picture. No exposure is bad exposure. You are still getting your band out there to new people even if it just to one new follower.  Take the time to respond and make connections with the professionals that e-mail you.

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