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    Don’t Wait For Inspiration To Write A Song

    Songwriters are always asked, “What inspired you to write that song?” Sometimes it could be a break up, feeling empowered, running into an old friend or simply nothing at all. Songwriters often wait until they feel inspired to sit down and write something, but there is a reason why you shouldn’t wait to feel inspiration in order to write a song. We will share our theory with you.

    Just like everything else, practice makes perfect. As musicians, we need to exercise our creativity so that we don’t need something to happen in order for us to feel inspired. We agree that when you get a burst of inspiration and creativity that is when your best material will come out, but you shouldn’t have to sit around and wait for it. By practicing your creativity on a daily basis, you are actually opening up that door to remain open. Even if you write a few things a day. Eventually, those random writings will inspire you on their own to create greatness.

    Everything that you write down is an example of your thoughts coming to life. Once you get enough of these thoughts out, combine them together, you have just created a song based only on the random thoughts in your head. It can be pretty cool when it all comes together. If you are working on an album or a follow up album, you could feel completely drained creatively. This form of free style creativity is perfect for you. Now you are almost under a timeline to write a certain amount of songs to be ready for your next studio album. We all know that the studio isn’t cheap and every second costs money. Don’t waste time in the studio trying to pray on inspiration to fill up your EP with songs.
    By doing this creative process, you are setting yourself up to be prepared.

    Happy Creating!

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