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    Earn Your Sound Tech’s Respect At Your Shows

    A sound tech can truly make or break a good show being great our sounding terrible. We have some ways that you can earn your sound tech’s respect at your next live show.

    When the venue tells you to show up at a certain time, they are not just telling you to be there early to hang out or to get there when you can. Odds are, the reason you are there way before doors open is to get everything set up and your band can get a proper sound check. A sound check is important so the sound tech can get all of your levels right the first time instead of wasting your first song trying to balance out your vocals and your guitar. Get there early and be ready to sound check.

    The same way you would expect people to treat your equipment as if it was better than their own, treat house gear the same way. It may not be the best or the most expensive equipment, but it is what they have and it should be treated with care. Sometimes it is the sound techs own personal gear that he is letting the venue borrow.

    When you’re on stage performing, never ask the audience how it sounds to them. If you are the one in charge of mixing your sound, that is another story. Let the sound tech do their job.

    When the sound tech tells you, “one more song”, listen to them. They are not saying that because they think you’re bad and need to get off of the stage. They are following a schedule and they know how long it takes to break down a band and set up another one. Not only are you being rude to the sound tech if you bypass this, but you’re being rude to the next band by cutting into their time.

    Make sure after your last song you thank your sound tech. A thank you can go a long way.

    Be sure to keep your negativity to yourself. If you weren’t 100% happy with the sound, don’t bad mouth the sound tech on social media or to the venue. It’s better to talk to the sound tech and make suggestions for the next time that you play. You will build a better working relationship, especially if this is a venue you play at frequently or plan to play at.

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