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    EQ: A Recording’s Good Friend

    We have all listened to CDs that make our ears want to bleed. No, not because the actual content is bad, but because of what it physically sounds like. The guitar is too high and almost distorted (and not in a sweet sounding good way). There is way too many cymbals breaking through the speakers to beat down your ear drums.  Music needs balance. Don’t just record and done. If you only use one plug in while in the studio, we suggest your EQ.  It will become a very good friend of yours.

    EQ is really what sets the difference between a good base recording and well, you know. You could have nailed that guitar solo in the studio. After all the blood, sweat and (we hope not) tears, no one will listen to it because your sound levels are absolutely terrible!

    No, you don’t need a crazy expensive plug in to achieve a great EQ. It’s all about how you use it. Any great guitarist can pick up even the lowest model of a guitar and make it sound like it has never sounded before. You can make anything work, we promise.  Our suggestion: Use the 4 or 7 band EQ for your mixer. It will give you that clarity and control that you are ultimately looking for.

    The major difference you need to know about what you’re doing with your EQ and your volume is that with the EQ you can’t change the volume of a specific track. Meaning, you can’t single out just the snare drum track and make it louder.  Instead the EQ pulls at the frequency. If you want to hear more kick drum and your bass player, you’re obviously going to increase your lower frequency. Remember those splashy cymbals we mentioned early? Just bring down a high frequency to blend them in more to the mix. Once you have that all in a row, then you can play around with your volumes to adjust what specifically needs to be pulled forward or back in the mix.  But that is a topic for another blog.

    Don’t be afraid to play around with the EQ.  It has the potential to save your recording. It can fine tune everything that you recorded. Essentially, you want to hang out with your best buddy, EQ. Happy Editing!

    [Reprinted From:http://therecordingrevolution.com/]

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