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    Essential Components Of A Home Recording Studio

    It would make it so much easier on all of us musicians if we could just record at home. In the long run, if you know what you’re doing, you can actually save a lot of time, money and frustration. You are not limited at all and you can be as creative as you want because you have no one telling you otherwise. Sure, you would love to have the top of the line everything in your home studio, but we have just the essentials that you need to start up your home recording studio.

    First, you obviously need a good computer. There is always the toss up of if you should get a Mac or a PC. The truth of the matter is, it doesn’t really matter as long as you get a computer with as much RAM as you can possibly afford to get. That is going to be what makes the difference. The Mac or PC is just a personal preference at this point because amazing music is being made on both. The RAM is what really matters.

    Second, you are going to need some sort of recording software. If you buy a Mac, GarageBand comes preloaded on it and once you really learn how to use it, you will be more impressed than you think. You can also go with the other popular programs now like ProTools, Reason or Studio One. All of these come with a mixing and mastering feature which will be beneficial when you are done recording.

    Now that your computer is loaded with software, you are going to need a quality audio interface. For right now, you don’t need any more than a 2 channel interface. You shouldn’t be doing a complete full band live recording when you’re just starting out. Just get what you need for the moment. Your audio interface is going to take your acoustic sounds and turn them into a digital signal.

    Your next step is to get a microphone. You really don’t need to spend any more than $100 on one. There are so many good quality microphones that the prices aren’t as high as they used to be. $100 will go a long way when it comes to a recording microphone. You definitely don’t need more than two microphones at the moment. Again, you will probably just be recording track by track.

    Finally, get yourself a good pair of head phones and a monitor. You can get a decent pair of noise eliminating headphones for not too much money. You will need them to listen to your previous recorded tracks while you are laying down a fresh one. If you only have headphones that’s fine, but if you are mixing down your music it’s better to play it through a set of monitors.

    You should be all set to start your home recording!

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