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    Essentials First Time Touring Bands Forget To Pack

    You’re probably pretty exciting that your getting to hit the road for your first time in your musical career. Long days, a lot of miles and missing the comforts of home can sometimes get the best of you. There are a few things that you might not think about packing, so we made a list of stuff that you should absolutely throw in your bag before you hit the road!

    When you’re out hitting the highway your phone because a very important device to stay connected with people back home as well as something to keep you busy. Sometimes there isn’t always an outlet to plug your phone in. Make sure you pick up an extra battery or two and fully charge them before you leave. Another great item to invest in is  portable charger. If you really want to avoid the whole looking for an outlet at some point moment, get a solar powered phone charger. Leave it by a window in your van to charge, and BAM, you now have all the battery your phone will ever need.

    We know this may sound dumb, but get a bag with wheels. You’re already lugging your equipment around. Why not make it a little easier on your back while you’re on the road and roll your luggage. Your back will thank you later.

    You’re going to be on the road and sometimes when you stop to fill up might be the only time you have before you show. Pack a small bag with bathroom essentials, like travel sized shampoo or even dry shampoo so you don’t look so dirty 🙂 Those no wet, pre-toothpaste toothbrushes work wonders too. You might want to throw a few of those in your bag. Bring wipes too… just incase.

    You’re not going to be living your normal routine. You’ll have less sleep and you’ll probably be eating out a lot. You might want to toss in a bottle of Multi vitamins and vitamin C just to give your immune system a boost. Touring won’t be as fun if you’re sick.

    Most importantly, remember to pack a good attitude! YOU ARE ON TOUR!!

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