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    Famous Bands That Said “Screw It” and Started Their Own Label

    As an independent musician, most people dream about being signed be a label… until a certain few get there and realize it’s not everything that they thought it would be.  Sometimes you have to give up everything that you stand for. Sometimes they won’t even let you record your own music. It all comes down to how much of your soul you’re willing to compromise. Let’s take a look at famous bands and artists that told their label to choke themselves so they could start their own.

    CAKE has been around for over 25 years now. They were lucky enough to sign to Columbia records and release 5 albums. After a while enough was enough. There was too much conflict between the band and the label. In 2007 they released their first album from their own label Upbeat and followed it up with a sophomore!

    Yes, the artist formerly known as PRINCE left Warner Brothers in 2004 to start his own record label NPG Records.

    DEMI LOVATO and NICK JONAS said goodbye to Disney Records and stared their own label “Safehouse Records.” After awhile, we can understand how Disney can steal your soul. It’s a good thing they both made it out alive. Disney Records has launched a lot of huge stars in the pop music industry.

    If you love country music, than the name GRETCHEN WILSON will ring a bell. This country girl decided it was time to leave both Sony and Columbia Records in Nashville during 2009. After dissing these two major labels, she started Redneck Records to continue her country music world domination. Now this woman is a rock star!

    Sure, you should probably make a name for yourself before you start blowing record labels off. Someone needs to make your name big enough for you to be able to tell them “Bye Felicia!” It can be done. You can have control over your musical career and still “make it.”



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