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    Get More People Out To Your Shows

    No one wants to play to an empty room. We want people to hear our music. So, how do you actually get people to make their way to spend money to see you play? Sometimes it’s not you or your music that is keeping people away. It’s what you aren’t doing that will keep people home or going somewhere besides your show. Let’s change that, shall we?

    We know one of the biggest draws is a CD release show (if you aren’t super famous). However, you can’t release a new CD every show you play. There are other ways to make each event that you can come up with. A cool idea that you might want to try, is have your fans create your set list for the night. Take a live video footage at a show at tell people that it will be in your next music video. Get your fans excited that they may be in your next music video for the world to see. How cool is that?

    Try making your concert a fun event. The people there that are going to see you, are already amped up to see you play. It’s the other people in the room that you are trying to gain their attention. Keep it fun! Why not try a drinking game with your lyrics? Every time you sing a certain word, everyone in the bar has to take a sip? It’s good for you and the bar. Plus you are keeping your fans paying attention to your words.

    You know how Subway gives you a card and after you buy a certain amount of sandwiches, they give you a free one? Do the same with your fans. After they come to a certain amount of shows, offer them something for free. You can comp them a ticket to your next show, give them a shirt or sticker or even an autographed CD. It allows you to give back to your fans, while having them continue to come back to your shows.

    If you really want to draw in a new crowd, book a show with local acts that have a good draw of their own. This will give you fresh ears to your music and possible new fans.

    Go out and rock that sold out show!

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