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    Get People To Your Shows On A Weeknight!

    As a local band, sometimes it’s hard enough to get people to come out on a Friday or Saturday night. What the hell are you supposed to do when your band gets booked on a weeknight?! No matter what night you get booked to pay, the venue is counting on you to bring in a crowd.  We have a few tips to get people out to your shows on “school nights”.

    Make your set stand out! Give people a reason to come out during the week to see you instead of them saying, “Oh, we will just catch you on your next weekend gig.” NO! Give them a real reason to come out after work to see your band play! Take cover requests and if those people show up, play them the song they wanted. If you have older songs that people are requesting, but you are staying current promoting your new material, bust out some of those old hits!! See if you can get any of the musicians you know to do a guest appearance during one or two of your songs! It’s all about changing it up and making it interesting on the weekdays. You need to beat out their favorite sitcom!

    See if you can get the venue to create a special offer. If they sell alcohol, see if they will do a drink special for the night, or if people attend your show, they get 10% off tickets to a show in the future.  Sometimes people need a little extra pull to get them out during the week.

    The biggest reason why people don’t want to go see a show during the week is because they have to get up early the next day for work. Make your set early enough so that people don’t have to pick between seeing your band and getting enough sleep.

    Happy Weekday gig!

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