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    Get Pro Sounding Vocals At Home

    The most convenient place to record would to be at home. You don’t have a time schedule. You don’t really have to worry about a budget. You can just go in and record your vocal tracks whenever you feel like you are ready to take them on. So, how do you get your vocals to sound like a professional did them, when you are working in your home studio?

    Whether you are in the studio or you’re in your home studio, you need to be mentally in the recording zone. You want to be relaxed in whatever setting you are in. Can you hear the music and yourself well enough in your headphones? Are you comfortable? All of this will make a difference when you open your mouth to sing.

    The best place to actually lay down your vocal track is not the bathroom, but your bedroom. The bathroom causes too much reverb and might be too much for you to edit later on. Your bedroom will actually absorb the reverb in the mattress and your curtains. It is much easier to add reverb to your vocals during the editing, than to try to adjust levels to take out some of the echo.  Save yourself the trouble and record in a flat spot.

    Make sure you get a pop filter for your microphone. This is going to eliminate any of those awful peaks that come from singing a “P” or a “T”. Something as stupid as panty hose over a wire hanger will do the trick if you are on that much of a budget. You want to stand anywhere from 6 to 9 inches away from the microphone when you’re singing. Adjust the sound levels on the microphone to avoid any peaks while you’re singing.

    It is okay to do more than one take. No one is expecting you to or will know that you had to do the vocals a few times. The rule of thumb is to try to get it within three takes and then you can go back to fix certain parts. After three takes, you’ll start to hear in your voice that you are totally done with that song. You want to capture the emotion of your voice in the recording.

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