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    Get the Attention Of The Room At Your Next Gig

    It’s one thing to play a show. It’s another thing to hold the attention of the audience in the palm of your hands. Even if you are the headlining back and the reason people came out, the audience may still have a tendency to not give their full attention to you. So how do you change that game? We are going to give you some advise on how to get the attention of everyone in the room at your next gig!

    When you get out there on that stage, you need to walk with confidence, like that is your home. Your crowd needs to feel like you believe that you belong up there. If they see any sort of hesitation, minus a few obvious nerves, they won’t be drawn into you. Make them feel your confidence! Prove to them that you belong to be on that stage.

    Now you have the confidence glowing off of you. It’s time to make eye contact with your audience. That’s great that you’re up there playing, but if you aren’t engaging your crowd, they will lose interest. If you’re constantly scanning the room, smiling.. maybe even throwing a cute wink in every once in a while at someone, you’re going to keep their eyes on you. Locking eyes with someone can be more powerful than you may realize. So as sweet as you may look singing with your eyes closed, don’t forget to open them and look at the room full of people there to share your music.

    You want to play like it’s your first and last show. You want to play like you have everything to prove to this audience and at the same time, you want to let them know that you are living up to your reputation. It’s a nice balance to play every single show. It also keeps their attention because you always appear to be fresh, but at the same time, you are always on top of your game.

    Remember, there is no wall between you and the crowd! Talk to them in between songs! Point out a shirt you like that someone is wearing! Call out to a fan that is rocking one of your own shirts and thank them for coming out. It goes a long way and people remember this kind of interaction. You want to be reachable. That is what will make you more attractive as a musician. You want your fans to feel like you are approachable. It will actually make them want you more.

    No go put on the best show of your life… every single time!

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