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    Get Your Fans To Share Your Music

    We can only share our own music so much without feeling like we have hit a wall. This is where your fans come it, but it is not as easy as it may sound. You would think that since your fans love your music, that they will want to share it all over every social media site that they own. In the real world, that’s not always the case. Since you decided to read this blog, we will let you know how you can get your fans to share your music!

    Take cover song requests from your fans. Your fans will feel more excited about sharing something that they helped create, even if it was just their input. Create a status polling all of your fans on what song they want to hear you cover! This will engage them and hype them up!

    Let your fans create your next set list! While you’re at it, let them pick their favorite song. Tell them that you’ll give them a shout out at your next show if they create the winning set list. Why wouldn’t they share your video if you are saying their name? It is a win, win situation.

    Make your shows a photo opportunity. Before, during and after take pictures in the crowd with the people that come out to see you. Then when you post the picture on Facebook, ask your friends to tag themselves in the picture! This will automatically share it on their wall. Make sure when you post the picture you write something like, “Autumn City playing the Saint surrounded by our amazing fans. To check out clips from the show visit: www.YouTube.com/AutumnCityBand”  So now when people tag them, not only will the picture show up, but your band name and a link to listen to your music will automatically follow. Smart, right?

    As always, contests work. You can make it as simple as, “Share this post for a chance to win a pair of tickets to our next show or a free autographed copy of our CD”  It is a good way to interact with your fans and they are getting something out of it. Again, another win, win situation for everyone!


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