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    Getting Noticed In The Music Industry

    The main goal when we decide to have a music career is to get our music noticed by the important people of the music industry. Sure, it sounds a lot easier said than done, but there is a way to achieve this part of your plan. It takes some time and some work, but you will get there.

    You want to set up all of your social media accounts so they have the same handle or name so that when people search for you, all of your social media information comes up in one spot. You want it to be true to your brand and definitely something original. No, AutumnCity75. Because that means there are probably 74 other people with almost the same username as you and you may now be found.

    Promotion is KEY to building yourself up. You want to create a buzz that is so loud around you that people will want to come and see you, just out of curiosity. If someone thinks that something is trending, the are going to pay a little more attention to it. People in the music industry don’t just find the low man on the pole. It’s the people that are getting their band name out every where they possibly can. Eventually after you see something enough times floating around the internet you are going to want to learn what people are talking about.

    You want to take every opportunity that comes your way. One opportunity will lead to another, that will open a door to another one and so on. Once people start seeing you every where, playing every venue and starting to play with more and more bands, the industry will start taking notice at how active you are in the scene and how your fan base is growing. Remember, the music industry wants to make sure that they will make money off of you. So if they see you are running around doing everything you are supposed to do, they will probably be around you sooner than you think.

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