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    Getting Ready Before Your CD Release

    You have finally brought yourself to the point where your band is actually ready to go into the studio and record a full length CD. This is a very fun and exciting time for you as a group, but it can also be a little bit stressful. You want to make sure that you are going to have everything that you need before you go into the actual studio to record. This will allow you to set all of your energy on simply letting go with your music. It may not be as cut and dry as you would like to think. Unless you are signed by a record label, you have to do all of this on your own.

    We are going to assume that you have done your research and have picked out the studio of your choice. Please make sure that all of the music that you are going to record has a copy right and that you have proof of it. Once your music is recorded it will seriously be like taking candy from a baby.. Anyone can distribute it at that point. Do yourself a favor and protect your goods.

    Before you even get that far, seriously think about the songs that you are going to put on this CD. It’s okay to cut some off of the original list. Believe me, not every song you write is amazing, so do your listeners a favor. Don’t give them a CD of 25 of the most recent songs that you have written. It’s not fair to them. Cut your list down between 9 and 12 tracks if you can. Now that you have the songs that you want, you need to pick the order in which these tracks will forever play in. It may not sound like a big deal, but it is. It is as important as picking your set list, an eternal set list. Once that CD is manufactured, those songs will always remain in that order. Keep in mind the importance of a good flow and transition when picking the order.

    Now for your visuals. What is going to be your front cover, the back cover, the inside insert, the CD photo, how many pages will the booklet be? Your CD needs to be as eye catching as your music is soul catching. You can have the best sounding CD in the world, but if it doesn’t grab the attention of anyone, someone who is not looking for you, won’t. Keep a theme when you’re going with the visual look. Some people like a clean cut look on the outside covers and then a whole mix of pictures or graphics on the inside. Hey, whatever it takes for someone to actually open up the damn thing.

    No, this is not the Grammy awards, but make sure you thank the people who made this possible. Your fans, your friends and I hope your family. Make a special thank you section on the inside of your CD booklet somewhere to let people know that they mattered enough to you during this process. You don’t need to thank your neighbor down the street from the first house you have ever lived in, but a list of about 10 people that truly made this CD happen. It will go farther than you think.

    Last but not least, before your CD is even manufactured, start looking around for people to produce in mass quantities all of the above. There are several places that you can order bulk production for. Read the reviews, do your own research, ask questions and take it seriously. Shop around for price as well as quality. Some places offer special packages where you can get 150 CDs, 20 posters, 15 shirts and 50 stickers for about $350. If you sell your CD for the average $10 a unit, you’ll make $800 profit just on the music when you sell out. At that point, you’ll never have to dip in to your pocket again for expenses towards your bulk production.

    I know, we threw a lot at you. It is important to make sure you have everything set and we are there to help you along. Feel free to thank us in your special thanks section.

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