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    Getting Ready To Manufacture Your CD [A Blog From Autumn City]

    We are still coming off of the high from recording our first album, Tuesday’s Song at long 7 hour session at Showplace Studios. It still feels unreal to us that we are actually in the planning mode of creating what our very first CD is going to look like as a final product. Sometimes you forget how much work actually goes into all of this if you are not signed with a label who is pretty much making all of the decisions for you. I am lucky enough to have our bass player who is also an amazing graphic artist and can create pretty much anything within 30 minutes. We were also fortunate enough to have a friend who is an amazing photographer happily provide us with her pictures for no more than a photo credit.

    Networking and helping each other out is so important in the independent artist community. Hopefully with our success with our new CD, it will find its way into the hands of our photographer friend as well. We decided to use CDbaby to manufacture our album. We were able to get 200 CDs with full color 4 panel inserts, a bar code and all the digital distribution that is important for less than $600. We decided to sell our CD for $10 each, so if we sell out of this first order, we will be left with a $1,400 profit and never have to lay out money for a reorder again.

    We came up with a simple, yet artistic CD design. We wanted something that would catch the attention of people, but it wasn’t so busy that you weren’t able to take the important information from it. Our bass player was able to edit everything we needed and upload all of the files to get the art work of the CD all set to go for when we receive the master copy of our CD tomorrow. Once we get the mastered tracks all we need to do is simply upload the files onto CDBaby in the order that we want and then we are all set to order our first round of manufacturing.

    We are planning to release our CD in the beginning of February, so it is important to make sure you give yourself enough time to produce the CDs. There is always a chance that you may not like the end result when you get the physical copy in your hand. This gives you time to reconfigure how you want the CD to look if it is not what you were expecting. This also gives you time to send your CD out for reviews and a press release before your actual CD release to the public. You want about 6 -8 weeks of straight promoting the album to get people hyped about your release.

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