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    Getting The Most Promotion From Instagram

    Promoting your band is key and you should use every possible avenue that is available. Today, social media makes all of this so much easier. Independent bands now are cutting out paying someone to promote themselves. It is so easy to use social media to gain more press and more of a buzz. Here is why it is important for your band to use Instagram.

    We probably all already have an Instagram account that when we scroll throw it is mainly of people taking pictures of themselves, what they ate for dinner or other random socializing that they are doing. So, how do you stand out and make this work for your band?

    The first thing you want to do is build an effective band profile. Before you launch and announce your page, you want to upload about 20 really good pictures of your band with really effective searchable hashtags. Despite that you may think posting a new picture every day will help you reach more fans, it won’t. So you don’t need to go crazy looking for something to share.

    You want your photo collection to be about a 50/50 split. You want half of your pictures to be of your band at shows, traveling, at practice and so on. Keep half of your pictures music related and the other half should be you and your band mates goofing off. Let your fans see both sides of you.

    When writing a caption under your picture, you want to use anywhere between 5 to 10 hashtags that are relevant to your post. Make sure to post the venue you are playing or the restaurant you are eating it. The bigger the name that you are hashtaging, the more of a chance you have other people who follow that place to start following you.

    A great way to get more people to follow you and to search a hashtag (preferably one that is music related) and go on a “liking spree”. When other people see that you like their photo, they are more likely to go back and start following you. You want new people to follow you to build your fan base.

    A great way to keep your fans is if someone comments make sure to allows follow up. This will show your fans that you are interested and that you have time to interact with them. If you become busy, designate one member of your band to run your Instagram page a week that way you can keep a steady flow of interaction, as well offer different pictures.

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