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    GIBSON GUITARS: The Legend of the Les Paul

    Gibson guitars as a whole are one of the most popular guitars in the world. Iconic musicians proudly show off their specific Gibson. Little fun fact, Gibson actually started back in 1902 as the Gibson Mandolin Guitar Mfg. Co. Luckily in the 1930’s Gibson was making flattop acoustic guitars. They were also one of the first commercially available hollow-body electric guitars. Gibson guitars are not only legends, but the company is a pioneer for all of the future generation rock stars selling out stadiums with their axe in hand!

    Although Gibson has a huge selection of brands, the Gibson Les Paul is one of the world’s most iconic guitars. The Les Paul was introduced to us in 1952. Rock legends are thankful for the creations. Owning one may not cause you to be a break out star, but it just might give you the confidence to make you feel like one.

    Want a Whole Lotta Love?  Jimmy Page from the infamous band Led Zeppelin, created some of the timeless guitar solos that we still play air guitar to on a Les Paul.

    We all know and love the Beatles. They were the band that swept the nation and stole the hearts of every girl in America. Too bad those girls didn’t understand that Paul McCarthy was packing a super rare left handed 1957 Les Paul.

    Speaking of Dude Looks Like Lady, Joe Perry, the lead guitarist from Aerosmith is known for commanding the stage with an Epiphone Les Paul that he likes to call, “Boneyard.” Pretty fierce for someone who has to dance around Steven Tyler’s melodic lyrics.

    Sweet Melissa, Duane Allman, a rock god lost too soon. Lead guitarist of the revolutionary Allman Brothers Band tore up a guitar like no other. 45 years later, guitarist Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks are still continuing to keep his legacy alive. Duane was known for his 1959 cherry sunburst Les Paul and 1957 Les Paul Goldtop.

    So what is it about the Gibson Les Paul that makes so many people swear by them?  We didn’t even come close to naming all of the superstars that have created some of the most memorable guitar solos playing the Les Paul. There’s nothing quite like the universal appeal of the Standard’s beautiful, simple design and smooth lines. The Gibson Les Paul will continue to go down in history for generations to come.


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