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    Go Support Local Music

    We have all seen the signs and the posts to support local music, but why is it so important? Why should we spend our nights going to see bands we have really never heard of?

    The local music scene is a big one. It is also a community of hardworking people doing what they love for little or no pay. Most local club owners only give bands a 20 to 30% cut of the ticket sales after they sell a certain amount of tickets. Good news for you about these tickets, is that they are usually in the $10 ball park which makes it a cheap night out for you. Also, that admission will get you about four bands, some of which have more talent than bands on the radio. No one “important” enough has heard them yet to make their dream come true.

    It’s financially tough being an independent band. Bands spend money to practice and cover their own travel. Most of the shows that they play, they are lucky that they break even. Why do they still do it? BECAUSE THEY LOVE IT! They are hoping to reach new people and they are hoping that someone hears them.

    When you go see a local band, you are not only helping support their cause, but you are actually helping this tiny venues stay in business. Many places are closing down due to the lack of local supporters. The more clubs that close down, the less places there are for these bands to play. Are you getting our point yet?

    Local bands rely on you and your support to keep going. Bands can only bug their friends and Facebook followers to come out to see so many shows, especially when they are playing a few times a month. Local music needs your support to make it a growing community. Check your local paper to see what spots are having bands. Make a night of it with your friends. It’s a win, win, win for everyone. Support your local music scene!

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