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    Great Crowdfunding Rewards That Really Work!

    Being an indie musician, money doesn’t always come easy or in large amounts at a time. Crowdfunding has become a new trend that is really helping musicians out with their goals. How do you make sure it’s not just your mom entering money into the account? You need to come up with some pretty cool rewards for your fans to make them want to put their money into you. The key is to make it look less like a fundraiser and more of a way that you are giving back to your fans.

    Offer autographed items to your fans. Sign a copy of your newest CD or single. Sign a shirt and offer that for a certain amount donated to your cause. If you have older material, almost a back log, off that. Try even something that has not been released. Let people really get a piece of your musical history.

    Another great tool to use is Skype. Offer a Skype interview or conversation with your fans who donate a certain amount of money. Your fans will love that they can ask you whatever questions they want or just have a conversation with someone they admire. It doesn’t cost you anything out of pocket, just your time.

    You can also offer music lessons through Skype. Your fans would love to learn how to play guitar from your guitarist or how to sing the way your singer does. It’s something fun for both of you! It’s also a great way to interact with your fans and all while raising money towards your goal.

    If you happen to have an old instrument just lying around that you don’t really use, make that a reward to a fan. They would love to have something of yours and it will bring in a lot of money!

    A really easy reward you can offer your fans is a cover song request. When a fan donates a certain amount of money, you learn the song, record it however and put it up on YouTube for them! You can even take this video on your cell phone and upload it directly from the same place.

    It’s that simple. Raising money for your band has never been easier with all of the technology that is out there today!

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