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    Great Websites For Live Streaming Your Band

    Live streaming is a great way to reach an international audience and really get your music out to the people that can’t make it to an actual show.  Live streaming is the best of both worlds. Live streaming is a great way to keep your CD sales coming in.

    Concert Window is a great website for live streaming for more than one reason. Most of the time, these live streams take place at an actual venue. You can also do it in the comfort of your own home. Concert Window is free for artists to join! This is good news for your wallet. This website also allows you to charge a ticket fee that your fans can pay via PayPal. The only down side is, the website keeps 30% of your ticket sales. When you think about it, if you are playing a live venue, they keep a percentage of your ticket sales as well. This is absolutely something to look in to.

    StageIt is another popular website for live streaming. It is set up as if your fans were attending a live show, and not just watching it when they get around to it. StageIt has a start time and and end time, just as if your fans were going out to see you play. Your fans can “tip” you through this website and that is how you get paid. StageIt does take a percentage, but the more tips you get, the less of a percentage they take. It is as simple as going to their website, and signing up with your Facebook account.

    2ndLine.tv is a website that is set up for more than just musicians. However musicians can make a lot of money using this site if they promote it well. It’s also not a live steaming site. You can take a past performance and load it on there and make 70% of whatever you bring in. As the artist, you get to tune in as your fans do and interact with them during the performance. This is a cool feature because your fans love to get to know a little more about you.

    You do have options to get your shows out there to more people and to interact with as many people as possible.  It is never a waste of time to play.


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