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    Hear Yourself Better On Stage

    It’s important that your fans can hear every part of your music with clarity, but it is equally as important for you to hear yourself when you’re on that stage. If you’re paying all of your attention to trying to hear yourself, it is going to make for one long and uncomfortable set for you. Your fans will probably notice your stiffness up on stage as well. Here is a few tips on how to prevent all of that nonsense so you can get back to the rock and roll!

    Playing with a band is a team effort and your fans want to hear the whole composition, not just the rock guitar parts. Unless you are playing solo, amp placement is so important to hearing you and the rest of your band. Place your amp so that it points to your ears. If it’s sitting on the floor blasting your legs it’s not helping you hear. Amp stands are expensive but they work well. Using a random chair in the venue can sometimes work just as well. Work with your other band members to place the amps strategically so you all hear yourselves really well while still keeping a good blend of the instruments on stage

    Once you have figured out the best places to position your amps as a band, consider where you need the monitors to be. Again, your feet don’t have ears so place yourself far enough away from the monitors so that the sound is actually being cast to your ears. The bass will crowd out anything else you’re putting in the monitors and everyone will have a harder time hearing themselves. Get the bass player comfortable with amp placement, not monitor levels.

    Start making the singers comfortable, then add anything else you think you need. But don’t add stuff in the monitors you can get from proper amp placement. Do it that way and you’ll get a clearer stage sound. As an added bonus you’ll get an impressed sound engineer that’s less stressed because he’s already maxed out the monitors before you even start playing.

    Remember, it is not a battle between you and your other guitar player. You need to be able to hear what you are doing at a comfortable level so you can relax and rock out.

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