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    How House Concerts Can Grow Your Fan Base

    Playing at your local venue is fun and will get your music out to a few new fans depending on if you are playing with other bands. House concerts are becoming the new trend in building a fan base for your band.

    Not only are house concerts a great way to gain new fans, but they are a great way to make money. You get to set your own price for your performance and don’t have to pay a club a cut of ticket sales. This is where your existing fans come in to play. Ask them to host some of your first concerts and then pass your name on.  Have them introduce friends, family, neighbors and people at work to come over for a party. These people are more likely to give your band the most attention because you are the center of it, not the drink specials at the bar.

    Make your house party performance more intimate by setting up seating in the area that you will be playing. You want the guests to be as close to you as possible. It is super important that you talk to everyone at the party before and after you are done performing. This will give you a deeper connection, especially if the conversation happens before you start playing.

    Get everyone at the party to sign up for your mailing list. (Or at least try to.) Creating a lasting impression is one of the most important things when building new loyal fans. Once you have them on your e-mail list, they will know when all of your upcoming shows are, CD releases and anything else you feel like sharing. You can also use this tool to ask these new fans to host a party of their own.

    Make sure you interact with the crown while you are on stage. It’s okay to be a little silly up there to keep the environment relaxed and fun.  No go out and party!

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