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    The Best Way To Audition A New Band Member

    Let’s be real, any part of a band break up isn’t fun. You think you have all of the right pieces to the puzzle only to find out you actually don’t. It is tough to find someone to fill in a spot that was already created and written. This new person needs to have the right sound, the right look, the same dedication and goals as you, as well as have the ability to gel with your band.  We have some tips on how to make auditioning a new member of the band a little easier on you and them.

    First thing is first. Learn this musician’s background. You need to make sure this person is going to fit in with your band. If you are in a punk rock band and all they have done was play in a jazz band, it just might not work out. Find out who their influences are, what bands they have played with. Have they made any connections with venues that you could use when you’re booking shows? Did they take music lessons or did they just learn how to play their instrument by ear. Make sure this person has transportation to and from practice and shows. You are basically putting them through an interview to make sure they add up on paper and they are right for the position they are trying to fill.

    Your band is responsible for picking out one or two of your songs that you want these people to audition with. Make sure you are all on the same page with what songs you feel will be the right showcase to show off this person’s talent. If you have the option, get them sheet music to your song or a chord chart. It will make things easier for everyone and make the audition process faster. Also see what their potential is for just jamming out and quickly creating music on the spot. You’re going to want them to contribute to new songs down the road and you should know their ability to do that now, as opposed to 6 months down the line.

    Once you figure out what they can do, find out what they want. Do they have the same career goals as you? If not, they could be the best musician in the world and it will never work out. If you want to tour and this person just wants to write hit songs to sell, you are going to clash all of the time. Pretty soon you’ll be back in the audition process again.

    You want to learn everything you possibly can about the person auditioning for your band in the beginning to prevent any fall out in the future.

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