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    How To Be A Better Song Writer

    Songwriting doesn’t come easy to everyone. Even people who are born song writers fall into a rut every now and then. The other problem that seems to come with song writing, is after a few years, how do you write material that doesn’t start sounding like your old songs. Of coarse you want to still sound like you, but when you can’t tell the intro to a song apart or you could sing another song’s lyrics to your newest song because the chords and melody are almost the same, there need to be a time for change. We have some exercise that should help you in this process.

    Sometimes the best way to write something new and original for your own band is to learn how to play other songs. Playing a song you didn’t write allows you the chance to tap into the way someone else views this world. It is a great way to build up inspiration from a different point of view.

    A great way to write a new song (and we do this more often than not) is to literally place a recorder down and pick up your instrument and just jam. Just play with no direction and with nothing in mind. The more open you are, the more that will come out. If you find the urge to sing along, go for it! Some of the best songs come when they aren’t planned.

    A great way to branch out is to try writing with someone else. This not only allows you to reach new people with your music, but it’s also a great way to really push yourself. Sometimes just working with other people pushes the envelope for your own creativity because there is almost a sense of proving something to yourself. This also allows room for growth with your music. You are working with someone who is influenced by totally different things than you are.

    Have fun writing your next hit song!

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