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    How To Be Confident Without Having Your Ego Explode

    There is a fine line between being confident in yourself and your music and walking around like a complete egotistical jerk. It’s true in any part of your life, but more so highlighted if you’re in the spot light. Confidence is sexy and it gives you more power on stage, but that is where it should be left. No one wants to talk to a musician that is completely full of themselves. So how can you be confident where it counts? Take a little read 🙂

    Being a musician, you are telling your story of who you are through your music and your lyrics. You fans can read that passion. Putting yourself out there will remind your fans of who you are as a person, not just as a musician. So let them see your true colors when you get up there and take control of the stage.

    Your fans care about your success, but they also want to see that you are human. Allow yourself to show your weakness. They will be able to relate to you even more. Fans that love musicians put them high on a platform and by you being “real” you are more obtainable to them, which makes them want you and love your music even more. So embrace what breaks you down a bit.

    No one did anything on their own and if anyone every tells you otherwise, they are lying. A great friend of ours who is a manager says,” Yeah, I make you money, I book you shows, but without you and your music, I have no one to book and make money for and from.” Same way we turn around and say, “Yes, we are writing all of the songs, playing tireless shows and getting paid.” But without the help of all of the people around you, you are literally nothing more than a musician. Thank the people that take photos and videos of you so you can post. Thank the venue for having you. Thank the sound guy for making you sound great. The music scene is all about being one big team. Not one person can do what they do without the help of others, so always remember that.

    One of the best things that you can do is stay grounded. Famous or not famous. Your success is rising and can potentially go to your head, giving you the false entitlement that people owe you more. Yes, be proud of your accomplishments because you did work hard for them, but don’t let them turn you into someone who you shouldn’t be. Appreciate the fact that you are getting this success and recognition and be humble about.

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