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    Be Your Hometown Music Hero

    Bands want to be known as the local hometown music hero. You want to be the band that all of the others want to compete with. You want to be the local band that packs all of the venues from wall to wall. You want to be that local band that actually makes it into the mainstream. How come it seems like some bands have that quality and some bands don’t? What are the local favorites doing that you’re not? If you want to be successful, you need to embed your music into your local community. There is more that goes into it than just music.

    House concerts are growing more and more popular among bands. It is one of the best ways to build your local fan base to get them out to your actual gigs. House concerts give you a connection to your fans that you won’t get playing at any other local venue. You can create the perfect environment for people to truly listen to your music and make that connection. You are giving your fans a direct invitation to come and spend time with you and your songs. It allows you to be more social with your fans which is something that means more than you think.

    Ideally, you would like to get a huge sponsorship from a company that has an endless supply of money, but rethink that. Find local business that is willing to compensate you. By working with these companies you will create more goodwill towards your hometown. You are showing your support for where you came from, while being supported by that same town. It is a great give and take.

    Try getting involved with local charities and community events. Not only will you be doing something good, but you can get your fans involved too. Benefit shows are a great way to get your music heard while getting people behind your cause, especially if you are giving back to your own community.

    So while you may be just a nobody to the major music world right now, you will be a rock star to your hometown and that is where it all starts.

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