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    How To Become A Better Musician

    As a musician, you always want to better yourself. No one wants to stay in the same place in their career, so why would you want to stay in the same place with your skill level. There are several things that you can do every day that will improve your musicianship.

    Every point in your day, you have certain little breaks that you can use to your musical advantage. Use these moments to start planning out your next move. What is your next show, how are you going to get it, what are you going to wear, how will you promote it, etc… Take these moments to plan everything. It will make following through with all of your new thoughts that much easier when the time comes.

    When you’re listening to music, take the time to analyze it. Analyze everything about it from the song lyrics, to the melody, to the instruments played and even to the way it sounds recorded. This will allow you to realize what you want when you start writing. What you like about certain songs and what you don’t like in certain songs. Use this to your advantage when it comes to creating your own piece of music.

    Same goes to going to live concerts. Look for what makes these bands great. What is the crowd doing? What is the band doing? Can you feel the energy? Take everything you can from going to a live a show.  Everything is a learning experience that you can take with you when it comes to your own shows.

    Wake up 30 minutes earlier every day and just sit with your instrument and practice. Practice will always make you better. Take those 30 minutes to try new things. Get a feeling for a different style of music that you’re used to playing.


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