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    How To Become A Master Musician

    We all dream about being the best musician that we can be. How can we play a fast drum fill? How can we seamlessly have our fingers fly across the fret of a guitar to produce a killer solo? Forget about being a musician, as a human we always want to better ourselves (or be better than the next guy). Want to be a master musician? Avoid these common mistakes that you’re making.

    They say practice makes perfect. Why don’t you have a practice routine? This is a no brainer. You should practice for at least 45 minutes a day. How can you expect to get any better if you don’t put any effort into it? You need to sit down with books, or music or however you learn and play until your body hurts. You won’t just wake up being the best one morning. This isn’t Hollywood.

    Look, we all get stuck at some point in our advancement. It is okay to go take lessons. If anything, you get to jam with someone who is better than you. This will challenge you to want to be better. There is always something you can learn and you’re dumb if you think there is not. Even if you took a class once a month, it will benefit you in more ways than you realize.

    We will admit, reading music doesn’t come with knowing how to play an instrument. It is so important to learn how to actually read music. If you get asked to jam with a great legend and they hand you a piece of sheet music, do you think they are going to help you out when you say, “Um, I can’t read music.” Absolutely not! Reading music is like the secret key to a song. Trust us. It will help you in the long run.

    You’re a musician. Not everyone is going to love you and your music. That’s okay. You won’t die if someone doesn’t dig what they are hearing. You need to learn how to take criticism like a professional. You can’t start posting angry things at the person that said, “We hate your music.” Just ignore it. Learn what hate and true criticism is. If you get signed by a label and the engineer tells you something he thinks would sound better, you can’t get all defensive and think he is out to get you.

    Life is all a learning experience and so is the music industry. Tread lightly and enjoy the ride.

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