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    Create The Right Press List For Your Band

    As a working musician, you know how important it is to get your name out there (hopefully in a good way) to the press. The power of the press can help launch your career because they have the ability to reach people that you can’t. The more press you get, the more of buzz there will be around your band. If you have a show at a local venue and someone sees that they may think “Yeah, I read about them in the paper” This will probably cause them to come out because the press holds weight. Not everyone can make it in and when you do, cherish it and make it work for you. There is a way to go about it make sure that getting press will actually benefit your music.

    When looking for someone to cover you, you want to make sure that whatever outlet you are going after will slow with you style of music. If you are a heavy metal band, you don’t want “Jazz Weekly” to write a story about you. Their reader will probably skip right over the article and pay you no attention.  Find a local paper or magazine (to start) that really pushes the style of music you play to the fans that you want to reach. Look into companies that promote new and upcoming artists. They will be the most willing to give you the time that you deserve.

    Take a look at bands that are similar to you in style as well as status. See who covered them, what they were written up for and maybe even reach out to them for the contact information. Again, music is and always will be about networking.

    Dream big! Make a list with your band of all of the papers and magazines that you would like to get covered in. Start at the bottom (the ones more on your level) and work up to getting a small article in Rolling Stone Magazine after you have created enough of a buzz about yourself to get them interested.

    Here is something important for you to remember after you get that article… Always send a thank you to the writer. If you are reposting it on social media, make sure to give a shout out on there as well to help the writer get more attention as well. Like we will repeat, networking is the biggest promotional tool that you can use, so take care of the people that are taking care of you.

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