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    ‘Cause The Haters Gonna Hate And How To Deal

    Not everyone is going to love your band or your music, but that’s ok. You just have to know how to deal with the haters and how to appreciate even more all of those people that do love your music.

    IGNORE THEM! The best thing that you can do is simply ignore these people and not feed into it. You end up looking like the bad guy if you go after them on social media. Just let it go and move on. Odds are, your fans will step in and you won’t have to.

    Why not ask them what they think that you can do in order to “be better”? Maybe there is a reason that they hate you or they are just jealous of the success and attention you are getting and their friend’s band isn’t. Reach out to them in a positive way.

    When the haters hate, just make a nice post about all of the great shows you have coming up, something awesome that a fan did at your last show, your new single release or anything else that is showing your success.

    You can change your social media profile settings so that you have to approve everything that does appear on your wall or time line. If you want to completely ignore it all together and prevent any sort of ill feelings, change your privacy settings and now you are in control of the situation.

    You can also block or delete people from your profile so they don’t even have the opportunity to post something negative on your profile. Poof.. they are now gone forever!

    So, you have a few options on how to deal with these so called haters. If things get too out of hand and it becomes a harassment thing or they are defacing your band or character, you do have the right to take them to court. Threaten them with that if they continue to come at you. Odds are, they will back off. No one wants to go to court for being an idiot. And the thing with posting things, is it is all in black and white and for the public eye to see. They won’t stand in chance in the court room.


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