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    Describing Your Music To Others

    How often as musicians do we get, “So, what do you sound like?” or “Who do you sound like?”  Sometimes it is a hard question to answer because we all try so hard to be original with our music, but people want a reference. The easiest answer for people is to give them a genre of music. Let them know if you play alternative rock, metal, jazz, blues or whatever it is that you do.

    Like everything else in this world, first impressions always count. You need to show an excitement in your own music. If you don’t, how can you expect anyone else to?

    You want to brainstorm with your band so that you are all on the same page. Think about your lyrics, the style of music you play. You want to almost paint a picture for your music. Keep your description of yourself short and sweet. You don’t want to lose the interest by giving them this long boring list of everything that you could sound like on a certain day.

    Make sure that you’re band actually agrees on your sound. It’s also important that each band member can make their own tiny spin off of your style to describe to people instead of you all sounding like robots.

    Another good way to brainstorm so you can figure out your style of music, is to ask a bunch of your friends who are actually into music, “Hey, what or who do you think we sound like?” Ask them to describe your music exactly as they hear it. Getting an opinion from others may be your best bet. (Also the easiest)

    Again, practice what you are going to say that way your words don’t stumble when you are asked to describe your music. You always want to sound like you know what you are talking about. If you aren’t confident in what your music sounds like, how will a potential new listener??

    Run off and go ponder this for a while!

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