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    How To Expand Your Presence Outside Of Your Home Town Area

    As musicians we all want to be known at the least on a national level. We can be amazing and rule the streets of our home state, but be nothing more than a “who?” as soon as we cross state lines. How can we break out of that and expand your presence outside of your home town? Sit down, pay attention and take some notes. We have a few ideas that just might help you out!

    Slowly start to branch out more. If you’re from New Jersey and you are only playing the Jersey shore music scene, try branching out to northern New Jersey and Southern New Jersey. After you break into that scene, play the surrounding state, like New York and Pennsylvania. Do a little research on venues that welcome bands from out of town. They will usually throw you on a bill with one of their local bands so you’re not playing to an empty room while exposing your music to new people.

    Start making friends on social media with bands in different states. If they begin to plug your band to their fans you are slowly getting the in. You can both help each other out. Have them put you on a show they are playing in their state and in return, you do the same for them.  Once you start doing this, you’ll begin to realize, hey, you’re playing a different state almost every weekend thanks to your new friends.

    Radio and press are a great way to get your band name out to different locations. Send CDs out to their local college radio stations to try to get some air play. Try to get national blogs to cover your band or write a review on your newest release. The more people that will see and hear your music, the more of a demand there will be for your band outside of your home town.

    Once you feel like you have put together an excellent plan, now you can start to expand your presence wherever you want to go!

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